Friday, October 23, 2009

AMWA after dark

People who know me won’t be surprised to read this blog post. But if you’re not heading down to the bar in the evening for a few minutes, you’re missing one of the best parts of the meeting.

If you’re into sports and testosterone (and you guys know who you are!) then by all means head to the sports bar in the lobby. But if you’re into a quieter, more elegant setting with seating just made for networking, head to the main lobby bar. Bring a book if you’re not into sitting in bars alone; I guarantee within a few minutes it will lie forgotten. If you don’t want to sit alone, sit at the bar—on the past two nights it was a line of ladies.

To get the conversation going just turn to the person next to you and ask if they are an AMWAnian (yes, a word I just coined). Last night the lady to my right was actually a literature professor from Wake Forest (in case you didn’t know there’s a Renaissance literature conference going here) and we had a fabulous conversation. Then I turned to the other side and spent half an hour talking with a fellow AMWAnian. Then I went over to the rowdy group in the seating area (Atlanta gals, you know who you are) and had a blast talking with the baby freelancers (seriously, they couldn’t have been more than 12 years old) who were just getting started in their careers.

So, bottom line? While the programs and workshops at AMWA are, of course, fabulous, the bar is where the fun continues.

See you there tonight!

--Debra Gordon

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  1. Deb,

    Let's be honest... you were just as rowdy as the rest of us! Looking forward to doing it again tonight.
    -Kelly McCoy and Carolyn Beam (aka baby freelancers)